GraniteCrete for You


  • ​​GraniteCrete can be mixed with existing surrounding native soils!
  • Manufactured using pre and post consumer recycled materials 
  • No oils, resins, polymers or enzymes to leach into the environment
  • Contributes 13 LEED points as a stand alone product
  • Solar reflective index (SRI):48
GraniteCrete residential application
This gorgeous pathway blends perfectly with the architecture
GraniteCrete featured at Golden Gate Bridge
Pedestrian symbol painted directly onto application of GraniteCrete™

Superior to competitive products

  • Porous where others aren’t
  • Erosion control others can’t provide
  • ​Doesn’t break down with time
  • Easily installed in a wider range of conditions
  • Can be walked on the same day
  • Exceeds ADA compliance
  • Pedestrian or directional symbols can be painted on GraniteCrete  
  • Saw cuts and expansion joints are not necessary
  • See how GraniteCrete stands above the competition

Offers multiple looks and finishes 

  • ​GraniteCrete can be mixed with a variety of different aggregates to achieve a desired look (smooth, brushed, coarse)
  • GraniteCrete can be installed with a firm or loose surface finish
  • GraniteCrete can be incorporated beautifully with traditional landscaping materials
  • Natural resistance to weed infestation makes it an ideal choice for placement between flagstones or stepping stones
    GraniteCrete Walking path
    GraniteCrete™ walking path along the coast, ringed by wildflowers.
GraniteCrete between pavers
Resistance to weed infestation makes for beautiful and naturally low-maintenance landscaping

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