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Why Certified Installers?
GraniteCrete, Inc. is committed to ensuring that our customers are 100% satisfied with their GraniteCrete projects. We believe that GraniteCrete is the superior Permanent, Permeable, and Natural Solution to paving needs. We also know that the quality of the installation process is critical to the final look and functioning of GraniteCrete. Thus our installers are our partners in creating satisfied GraniteCrete customers. Our GraniteCrete CERTIFIED INSTALLER  program is intended to ensure that customers receive installations that meet the GraniteCrete standards, every time.

Why become a Certified Installer?
GraniteCrete Certified Installers receive special treatment from GraniteCrete. This will include free consultation services on projects, recommendations to customers, certificate of achievement, and a designated listing on our website. Customers who are looking for GraniteCrete installers will be referred only to CERTIFIED INSTALLERS.  Newly CERTIFIED INSTALLERS will be added to the list of GraniteCrete CERTIFIED INSTALLERS on our websites, and will be featured in one of our monthly newsletters and social media platforms.

Who Can Become a Certified Installer?
All licensed contractors who are in good standing with the California State Contractors License Board are eligible to become GraniteCrete CERTIFIED INSTALLERS by meeting the qualifications below.

How to become a Certified
Companies who wish to become GraniteCrete CERTIFIED INSTALLERS should submit an application.  A GraniteCrete representative will contact you and set up a GraniteCrete Installation Training Program for your company. The training program is free, and will typically be completed using an actual specified onsite installation. Once the training is completed, the company must complete an additional 25,000 square feet of GraniteCrete installations, with all installations passing our Final Quality Inspections. Companies receiving the GraniteCrete CERTIFIED INSTALLER designation will retain the designation as long as they complete at least  6,000 square feet of installations annually and all installations meet GraniteCrete installation standards.

Interested in becoming a GraniteCrete™ CERTIFIED INSTALLER?

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