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Cleaning Up the World One Action at a Time

Held in September, Clean Up the World (CUW) weekend is one of the world’s largest community-based environmental events in the world.  CUW is part of Clean Up Australia’s commitment to “inspire and empower communities to clean up, fix up and conserve our environment.“  It’s estimated that 35 million people across the globe take part in this weekend, carrying out activities to address local environmental issues. 

One of the most-common activities are local “clean-ups” where volunteers gather and remove litter from public places.  However, activities can be on a much larger & long-term scale, such as planting trees, urban recycling projects, and raising awareness about environmental issues.

Believing that truly cleaning up the world will take far longer than a weekend, Clean Up Australia aims to provide “practical solutions to help [people] live more sustainably every day of the year.”  Some of these practical solutions can easily be implemented into people’s everyday lives and include:


Switching from disposable water bottles to a reusable one

Composting food waste that would otherwise be thrown away

Opting for online bill pay over paper bill pay

Choosing cold water cycles when doing laundry

Using public transportation instead of driving to get to work

Other solutions require a little more time and effort, and include: 


Installing solar panels at a home, business, or government building for a source of renewable energy

Collecting rainwater in a barrel, to be used for outdoor water needs

Planting a vegetable garden

Installing a programmable thermostat

Using building and paving materials that are more environmentally-friendly than traditional materials

GraniteCrete is proud to fit the bill as a long-term solution for “cleaning up the world.”  As an environmentally-friendly paving material; GraniteCrete is permeable, helps reduce the Urban Heat Island effect, and can contribute LEED credits as a stand-alone product.


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