About GraniteCrete Decomposed Granite Admixture

GraniteCrete™ History

First developed in 1995, GraniteCrete™ decomposed granite admixture was installed as a natural paving surface for residential gardens and entry ways in and around the upscale communities of Carmel and Pebble Beach, California. GraniteCrete™ has since been successfully tried and tested in even harsher environments such as the California Department of Parks and Recreation beach accesses. These locations are at the high-tide line of the Pacific Ocean, occasionally under heavy winter surf conditions and have lasted without need of maintenance for more than 8 years. Other tried and tested applications of GraniteCrete™ include heavily trafficked public walkways and private driveways.

GraniteCrete™ Quality

Permanent • Permeable • Natural GraniteCrete™ paths and walkways have the look and feel of a crushed organic surface with the near strength and erosion control of professionally installed concrete. Our pathways are porous, passing through over an inch of rain per hour and addressing storm-water. Our pathways reduce heat island environmental concerns. Combined, this yields 13 points in three categories of the LEED rating system. Available in four organic colors, GraniteCrete™ is the natural path for your next landscaping project.

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