• Christie Park: A Stunning Transformation “Renovation” does not even begin to do justice to the incredible transformation that Christie Park in Emeryville, CA has undergone since plans to expand the park—and overhaul its design—were first… Read More
  • Happy Holidays from GraniteCrete! As the year winds down and we turn our sights toward the one to come, we’d like to express our gratitude to the architects, installers, retailers, and customers who chose to include… Read More
  • Managing Stormwater All too often, rainy weather generates more water than a landscape can handle.  If this water is not managed properly, it leads to several issues. These can be minor annoyances… Read More
  • GraniteCrete & Wineries: A Perfect Pairing For wineries all across California, August through October is a magical time of year known as “grape-crushing season.”  After the best grapes have been harvested—the ones that have ripened properly,… Read More

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