• A Perfect Pathway in Five Easy Steps - When creating a landscape design that includes pathways to help pedestrians move from point A to point B, five key questions need to be answered: Is it functional?Is it accessible?Is… Read More
  • Wyandotte Park: A Little Slice of Heaven - Located in the Rengstorff area of Mountain View, Wyandotte Park is nestled in a tiny lot between industrial business and homes.  Taking up 0.9 acres, the park provides neighboring residents… Read More
  • GraniteCrete: A Wheel Good Choice for Driveways - As homeowners make green choices with increasing frequency—incorporating native plants into the landscape, opting for solar power, and switching to low-flow appliances—many are turning their sights toward the pavement surrounding… Read More
  • Golden Gate Park’s Pawsome Update - In San Francisco, Golden Gate Park is a true treasure and oasis amongst the hustle and bustle of the city.  Visited by 24 million people each year, it stretches over 1,000 acres… Read More

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