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  • Happy Holidays from GraniteCrete! As the year winds down and we turn our sights toward the one to come, we’d like to express our gratitude to the architects, installers, retailers, and customers who chose to include… Read More
  • GraniteCrete Demo Days are Coming This Fall GraniteCrete has been working closely with our retail partners to set-up product demo days up-and-down California! A past GraniteCrete Demo Day. What is a Demo Day? A Demo Day involves… Read More
  • How the GraniteCrete Team is Investing in Our Planet Each year on April 22, we celebrate Earth Day.  We have the opportunity to evaluate the impact our everyday choices have on the planet, and to look at where we can improve… Read More
  • Choosing the Right Finish When completing the GraniteCrete installation process, there are a number of ways to finish the surface to achieve different looks.  This month, we look at some of those tried-and-true methods.… Read More
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