People and Pets Enjoy Carmel’s Scenic Walkway

Carmel-by-the-Sea is known for its quaintness and beauty—and rightfully so.  Located on the Monterey Peninsula, those who visit Carmel-by-the-Sea are instantly charmed by the picture-perfect coastal views, the rich art history, and the almost-unbelievably dog-friendly attitude throughout the area.

GraniteCrete Pathway Carmel Scenic Road

GraniteCrete Pathway Carmel Scenic Road




The Scenic Road Walkway after its installation in October 2005.





A throwback to a bygone era, the houses and shops in Carmel-by-the-Sea don’t even have numbers in their addresses – they’re just know by their nearest intersection.

So it’s no surprise that millions of visitors flock to the area year-after-year.  Travel sites offer plenty of ideas for activities to participate in and places to visit.  Near the top of these lists is the Scenic Road Walkway; one has to only look at a handful of visitor-snapped photographs to understand why.

GraniteCrete Pathway Carmel Scenic Road GraniteCrete Pathway Carmel Scenic Road






The Scenic Road Walkway in Carmel has held up beautifully over the years, as shown in these photos taken on a rainy day in February 2019.





The Walkway’s History
Given the adoration it receives, one would expect the Walkway to have been a part of Carmel’s fabric for decades.  In reality, the Walkway—which was designed by Hall Landscape Design—was installed less than fourteen years ago, in late 2005.

To complement the beautiful landscape of the area, GraniteCrete’s natural/gold color was chosen to bring the Walkway to life.  As a paving material that is both durable and free of any environmentally-harmful substances, GraniteCrete truly enhances the surrounding scenery and drives home the “Scenic” in the Walkway’s name.

GraniteCrete provided its admixture, and local company Graniterock provided the decomposed granite for the pathway; Graniterock’s own construction division expertly mixed and installed the paving material.  Over a decade later, the Walkway’s transitions are still stable, and it is enjoyed by pedestrians and four-legged companions alike.

One Million Visitors a Year
Running along Carmel Beach, the Scenic Road Walkway is so popular with tourists that nearly one-million people walk it each year.  The three-mile-long path offers pedestrians the opportunity to feel the crisp ocean breeze, while enjoying the breathtaking views of the Carmel Coastline.

GraniteCrete is proud to have played such a key role in creating this pathway brings so much pleasure to so many people.