Piper Whitney Construction: Passionate About Permeability

Operating out of southeast Texas, Piper Whitney Construction has been bringing permeable paving solutions to both commercial and residential clients since 2015.

Synthetic grass around a pool area.
Photo property of – and courtesy of – Piper Whitney Construction.

Kryshon and Michael Bratton have been building pools for nearly three decades.  To allow clients to easily access the patios and outdoor kitchens often surrounding these pools, the Brattons began a small off-shoot business building driveways.  This off-shoot business gradually morphed into what is now known as Piper Whitney Construction (named after their two daughters).

Piper Whitney Construction (PWC) embodies one of the Brattons’ core values: “responsible hardscape construction.”  What this means for PWC is stepping away from traditional paving materials (such as concrete and asphalt) in favor of materials that are more sustainable and eco-friendly—without sacrificing the strength and durability found in traditional materials.

PWC also seeks to use materials that are permeable, to help offset the effects of heavy rainfall often experienced in the greater Houston-area.  Some of the products PWC has used in the past include: drivable grass, permeable pavers, and synthetic grass.

Recently, PWC has been looking to incorporate the environmentally-friendly GraniteCrete permeable paving material into future designs.  In August, a small mock-up of GraniteCrete was completed in Texas.  It is currently being tested through regular foot and vehicular traffic.  We are excited to work with PWC to bring a broader selection of permeable and sustainable paving solutions to Texas!