Quality Assurance Program

What is the Quality Assurance Program?

The Quality Assurance Program was developed as an extension of our Certified Installers Program as a way to reach 100% customer satisfaction—for the end customer, the architect, and the contractor—on each installation of GraniteCrete.

What are the Actual Steps of the Quality Assurance Program?

The Quality Assurance Program consists of six steps:

  • Through an initial phone call, we collect key information about the installation:
    • Location of the installation 
    • The contractor completing the installation
    • Size of the installation
  • We will also discuss our Quality Assurance Program and the presence of GraniteCrete representatives during the installation process.
  • Pre-installation meeting with GraniteCrete representatives and the installer(s) to go over the installation process in detail, the sieve analysis of the decomposed granite (as the decomposed granite used is critical to an installation’s success,) reviewing standard procedures, proper equipment,  and important installation points.
  • Phone calls throughout the planning process to ensure there will be enough work staff at the installation, that the proper materials and equipment will be on-hand and ready, and the base rock will be laid and compacted prior to the arrival of GraniteCrete representatives.
  • GraniteCrete representatives will be on-site to oversee and consult during the installation.  As needed, GraniteCrete representatives will take over to instruct the installation crew about common issues, such as the correct moisture content and finishing techniques on the surface of the installation.
  • GraniteCrete representatives will talk the installer through the entire installation process and post-installation process, and ensure the installer thoroughly understands each step so the installation turns out perfect.
  • Post-installation, a GraniteCrete representative will follow-up with a phone call to see how the installation went, to take pictures, and to make sure the installation meets our standards.  We will also track both customer satisfaction with the installation process, and the final product.

Why Use the Quality Assurance Program?

GraniteCrete requires a somewhat specialized installation process to maintain its integrity.  When installed properly, GraniteCrete not only looks beautiful, it will last for years to come.

We provide on-site project support for new contractors, including a pre-installation meeting to review procedures and key installation points and oversight by GraniteCrete personnel during installation. We will also review the sieve analysis of the proposed decomposed granite, to ensure an acceptable decomposed granite is used. Equipment, calibrations, efficiency – we address it all.

Who Benefits from the Quality Assurance Program?

Everyone!  GraniteCrete personnel will be on-site at every installation possible to work with the contractors and installers to ensure the product is installed according to our high standards.  We are not afraid to get our hands dirty, and have been known to step in and assist with the installation process in any way we can.

How to Take Advantage of the Quality Assurance Program?

It’s easy—just contact GraniteCrete and let us know about an upcoming installation.  GraniteCrete personnel will make arrangements to be on-site for the installation process, providing guidance based off decades of knowledge and experience with the product.

What About After the Installation is Complete?

Post-installation, a member of the GraniteCrete team conducts an inspection to ensure the installation meets our standards.  We track both customer satisfaction with the installation process, and the final product. We’re not happy unless you are!