GraniteCrete™ works where others fail.

GraniteCrete paths and walkways have the look and feel of a crushed organic surface, but bear the near-strength and erosion control of professionally installed concrete. Our pathways are porous, allowing water to pass through at over an inch per hour. They also address storm-water and heat-island environmental concerns, yielding 13 points in three categories of the LEED rating system. Combined with your choice of four organic colors, GraniteCrete is the natural, permeable paving solution for your next landscaping project.

  • Pathways & Rec. Trails
  • Driveways
  • Golf Course Cart Paths
  • Bicycle Trails
  • Pedestrian Overlooks
  • Roadway Medians
  • Landscape Paths
  • Courtyards & Patios
  • Off-street Parking
  • Bocce Ball Courts

Are you a homeowner who needs a sustainable, long-lasting surface for walkways, garden paths or a courtyard? GraniteCrete works for all of these purposes and is strong and lasting enough to be used for parking and driveways as well. Visit our gallery of residential installations for inspiration. Learn how GraniteCrete is perfect for your home!

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GraniteCrete™ Certified Installer Program

GraniteCrete Certified Installers Badge
Look for the GraniteCrete Certified Installer Badge

Only contractors with extensive experience installing GraniteCrete earn our Certified Installer Badge. Look for this badge when choosing a contractor. Click here for a list of Certified Installers.

Contractors: Interested in earning the Certified Installer badge from GraniteCrete™ ? Show your clients that you are an expert in the installation of GraniteCrete™.
Become a GraniteCrete™ Certified Installer!

Save Time and Money with Pre-Mix Facilities

Save time, labor, and effort—while improving the finished product! That’s what the new installation method—we call it Dry Installation—does for installers of GraniteCrete. Introduced last summer, it has been met with rave reviews from installers, creating easier and even more beautiful installations of our permanent, permeable and natural paving material.

GraniteCrete Permeable Paving InstallationGraniteCrete Permeable Paving Installation Santa Rosa










These photos show a GraniteCrete installation in-progress (left) and finished (right) that was completed using pre-mixed material from SBI Materials.

Photos courtesy of Joe Verdu and JLP Landscape Contracting, Inc.


Dry Installation mixes the decomposed granite and GraniteCrete admixture prior to installation. Installers can pre-mix at the job site, or—to save even more time, labor and effort—it can be pre-mixed at one of our pre-mix facilities before delivery to the jobsite. We recommend that jobs requiring 5 cubic yards of material or more should get the material pre-mixed, as this will shorten the installation process.

What Installers Say About Pre-Mixing

“For a recent installation, GraniteCrete arrived pre-mixed with decomposed granite at my installation site. What a game-changer! Installation went quickly and smoothly – way better than on-site mixing. I highly recommend pre-mixed GraniteCrete and decomposed granite for ease of installation.”

-J.R. Lester, Owner of Town & Country Gardening and Landscaping

Finding a Pre-Mix Facility

Wondering how to find which retailer locations offer this service? It’s easy! Retailer locations offering this service are listed on our retailer locations page as a “Pre-mix Facility.” New pre-mix locations are added promptly to our website, so be sure to check back regularly!

Interested in using a pre-mix facility for your next project? Contact our Senior Account Manager Dave Ventura via phone at (408) 858-9635 or via e-mail at