[GraniteCrete] is my go-to surfacing when I want a decompose granite-like hardscape surface.  It checks all the boxes: ADA-compliant, permeable, natural-like surfacing.”

-Whitney Miller, Associate at JETT Landscape Architecture & Design

“For projects where permeability is an issue, I highly recommend GraniteCrete to clients. For any type of decomposed granite, or permeable paving situation, GraniteCrete is the ideal choice – it’s durable, permeable, and easy to install using the dry process.”

-Joe Verdu, Project Manager at JLP Landscape Contracting

“For a recent GraniteCrete installation, I used GraniteCrete that arrived pre-mixed with decomposed granite to the installation site [from one of GraniteCrete’s retailers]. What a game-changer! Installation went more quickly and smoothly than it has in the past with on-site mixing. I highly recommend pre-mixed GraniteCrete and decomposed granite for ease of installation.”

-J.R. Lester, Owner of Town & Country Gardening and Landscaping

“At a state building in San Jose, we were renovating two main courtyards to create seating and gathering spaces. We knew we didn’t want to go with a traditional paving option; we wanted a material that would be able to go right up to the existing trees, have a softer feel to people’s feet, and be permeable. We considered using decomposed granite, however, decomposed granite would not allow the courtyards to be ADA accessible. So, we decided to use GraniteCrete, because it is both ADA accessible and permeable.”

-Meghan Storm, Designer at RHAA Landscape Architects

“The new GraniteCrete installation method is much easier to install. Since it starts off wet and is installed in layers, you have more time to make sure it’s installed properly without affecting the integrity of the product.”

-Marcos, Contractor

“The installation area was 3,000 square feet. The installation went a lot faster once our crew was familiar with the product, and the dry method installation process was very easy.”

-Eduardo Vera, Project Manager at Jensen Landscape Services

“[GraniteCrete] is permeable and has a naturalistic appearance (vs. concrete or asphalt).  The price was competitive.”

-Marvin Yee, Project Manager at Hayward Area Recreation & Park District

“I have worked on several projects with GraniteCrete representatives. I am very grateful that GraniteCrete was willing to stand by its product to ensure it was installed properly, according to GraniteCrete specifications. It is a great product and my clients love it. Because of the quality assurance program, I feel confident recommending GraniteCrete!”

-Leigh Gronet, Owner of Leigh Designs

“We are very pleased with GraniteCrete. The installation was clean and easy, and the finished look is so natural. The product is environmentally sound, is ADA compatible, and the color choices are spot on. I would enthusiastically recommend this product to anyone looking for an alternative hardscape choice!”

-Dr. Mary Roy, Owner of Capo Creek Winery

“GraniteCrete holds up better than other stabilized, decomposed-granite paving solutions because it’s simply a better product.”

-Joe Verdu, Project Manager at JLP Landscape Contracting

“GraniteCrete stood out as the material that met all of the project design goals including ADA compatibility, permeability, durability, low reflectance, and the creation of a hard surface with a natural appearance that complemented the adjacent architecture.”

-Joshua Link, Ecotone Studios

“We’re committed to using responsibly-produced, sustainable materials inside River Vine and in the outdoor living and access areas. GraniteCrete offers both consistent product quality and a good value, less expensive than alternative hard-surface pavements, but proven to last for many years in even the harshest weather. It’s ideal for River Vine—low-maintenance and easy to install, creating a natural, professional grade surface without the need for rebar or special equipment.”

-Tony Sarich, Co-founder of AMS/Gen7 Schools

“I’m a big fan of GraniteCrete!  The main benefit is that it’s a permeable material that doesn’t add to a project’s drainage or impervious coverage calculations. It’s also a superior product because it’s so stiff and doesn’t stick to your shoes when it’s wet, or erode with rain – especially important on slopes. If properly installed, it requires little to no maintenance for many years. Lastly, the technical support from GraniteCrete is excellent – they are committed to making sure every project with their product turns out successfully.”

-Kathy Strickland, Registered Landscape Architect


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