Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions

If you will be installing GraniteCrete for the first time—or it has been over 1 year since you last installed GraniteCrete—it is essential that you call us at 1 (800) 670-0849.  GraniteCrete representatives will be on-site for the installation at no cost as part of our Quality Assurance Program.

Please review our guide, GraniteCrete Pre-installation Checklist.

Full installation instructions are available in the Spanish language here: Instrucciones para la instalación – Método “seco”

When GraniteCrete is installed correctly, there is no better surfacing solution for your landscaping project. GraniteCrete excels in appearance, durability and permeability – it performs like no other paving solution! To get the best out of GraniteCrete, it is important to follow the installation instructions on this page carefully from the start – putting in the base rock – to the finish – curing GraniteCrete.

The installation of GraniteCrete is a unique process. While not difficult, it is different from installing either loose decomposed granite or concrete. This page explains the process for installing GraniteCrete. To the right is a video that will show you the steps for installing GraniteCrete, and below is a detailed set of written instructions. You can also download the instructions to print them out.

If you would prefer to have a professional installation done, we recommend using our Certified Installers.

Step 1. Install and compact the base rock

Moisten and compact base rock on entire installation area to an even depth of 4-inch or 6-inch, depending on residential or commercial application.

A vibratory plate can be used to compact the base rock; it should not be used to compact the GraniteCrete.

Step 2. Place dry mixture at the installation site

There are three primary methods for mixing GraniteCrete with decomposed granite when installing GraniteCrete. The best method to use depends on the size of the installation.  Based on our experience, we recommend the following methods found on our installation equipment page.

GraniteCrete can be ordered dry pre-mixed with decomposed granite (DG) or it can be mixed onsite.  The pre-mixed material will arrive DRY and will need water added for proper installation of GraniteCrete.

Onsite mixing:

Combine the decomposed granite and GraniteCrete admixture thoroughly. Again, be sure to only mix the amount that you can use in a single day. Our website features a Job Calculator that will help you determine the amount of material required for both residential and commercial applications.

Pre-mixed GraniteCrete:

GraniteCrete can be ordered pre-mixed with decomposed granite from many of our retailers. Please refer to our website for a list of retailers who offer pre-mixing.  The pre-mixed material will arrive DRY and will need water added for proper installation of GraniteCrete. 

We strongly recommend that you only order the amount of dry, pre-mixed material you’ll be able to finish in one day. Decomposed granite is a bulk material that contains moisture. If left unused longer than one day, the mixture will begin to harden. If for any reason the material is not used, it must be tarped, and absolutely used the beginning of the next day.

The dry GraniteCrete-DG mixture will be laid down on your path in two layers, with each layer moistened and compacted individually. It is not required to cure the initial layer before installing the second layer.

“For a recent installation, GraniteCrete arrived pre-mixed with decomposed granite at my installation site. What a game-changer! Installation went quickly and smoothly – way better than on-site mixing. I highly recommend pre-mixed GraniteCrete and decomposed granite for ease of installation.”
-J.R. Lester, Owner of Town & Country Gardening and Landscaping

Initial Layer:

Transport the GraniteCrete-DG mixture to the installation site by wheelbarrow for the first of the two layers. Spread the mixture evenly over the area to be installed.

Step 3. Moisten and mix simultaneously

Lightly moisten the material with a hose end trigger sprayer attachment; avoiding puddling.  Rake area lightly to evenly distribute water throughout the mix.

Install second layer as above and screed at one inch above finish grade; when doing this, make sure to pay particular attention to the edges to ensure even material height, and lightly mist to dampen mixture.

Mist until both layers are damp.  Proper moisture is achieved when clenching your fist with the mixture it stays compacted and the color can be seen on your hands.

Step 4. Initial compaction, with close attention paid to edges and corners

After optimum moisture content is achieved for compaction, initial compaction can be performed by walking on the edges and corners, and through use of a 6” wooden masonry float, a 10” hand tamp, or a 36” water-filled lawn roller.

Pay particular attention to corners and edges to ensure tight compaction.  

Make sure to keep all tools clean at all times.  

Step 5. Finish 

Remove final imperfections and/or add texture with a medium-bristled broom before final compaction with a lawn roller. If desired, lightly pass a medium-bristled broom over the  surface to remove any slight imperfections, and then roll several times with a water-filled 36” lawn roller.

With larger installations, a  roller in static position can be used.

Make sure with both applications, the drums are kept clean at all times.  Be sure to remove the spoils off the finished surface.

Step 6. Mist and Cure

Using a hose end trigger sprayer attachment, moisten the entire newly-installed GraniteCrete area – avoid puddling.

To discourage cracking, moisten newly-installed GraniteCrete on a daily basis, as practical.

Slow curing of GraniteCrete is important to avoid cracking.

GraniteCrete, Inc. installation recommendations represent a typical installation and generally accepted installation practices should be followed. Use of trained installation professionals is recommended for best results. GraniteCrete, Inc. does not warrant any installation work and specifically disclaims any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. GraniteCrete, Inc. is not liable for any costs or expenses to fix, repair or redo any installation, or direct or indirect personal injury, property damage or other costs or losses resulting from the improper or incorrect application or installation of the GraniteCrete™ product. GraniteCrete™ and The Natural Path™ are both registered trademarks of GraniteCrete, Inc.