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GraniteCrete Benefits


  • GraniteCrete can be mixed with local decomposed granite or crushed aggregate
  • No oils, resins, polymers, or enzymes to leach into the environment
  • Contributes 13 LEED points as a stand-alone product; learn more about LEED points here
  • Solar Reflectance Index (SRI): 48

ADA Compliant and Permeable

  • Exceeds ADA compliance
  • Firm, stable, and slip-resistant
  • Smooth enough for ambulatory devices, yet slip-resistant
  • ​​Meets coefficient of friction standards
  • ​​Permeability reduces standing water

Superior to competitive products

  • GraniteCrete is more durable than other stabilizers on the market, with existing installations of 20+ years
  • Minimal to no maintenance costs
  • Able to be installed in a wider range of temperatures than competing products
  • Available in multiple colors; offers multiple looks and finishes
  • Permeability rate of over 1” per hour

Financial benefits:

  • Reduces the need for some conventional drainage features, such as curbs and gutters
  • Lower installation costs, since underground piping and storm drains are not needed
  • Reduced water-usage costs, since surrounding plants can benefit from the replenished groundwater
  • Minimal to no annual maintenance costs with existing installations lasting 20+ years

Environmental benefits:

  • Reduces storm water runoff rate and volume
  • Reduces water pollution by trapping pollutants in the pavement
  • Replenishes groundwater, which can in turn be used by plants surrounding the pavement
  • Reduces surface temperatures since permeable pavement doesn’t produce a “heat island”

GraniteCrete Applications

Foot Paths and Trails


Golf Cart Pathways

Flagstones and Stepping Stones

Foot Paths and Trails


Golf Cart Pathways

Flagstones and Stepping Stones

GraniteCrete Case Study

Asilomar State Beach

In 2005, Asilomar State Beach had a big problem. The gorgeously rugged beach had suffered the ravages of coastal erosion, and the stairways leading to the beach had been severely and dangerously washed away.

When deciding how to resolve the erosion issue, the California Department of Parks and Recreation needed to find a solution that would be both cost effective and extremely durable. More than a decade ago, The Parks System chose GraniteCrete™.

GraniteCrete’s permeability and permanence were perfect for the project. Despite constant tidal encroachment, the steps look virtually the same today as when they were first installed. Some of this can be credited to the porous nature of GraniteCrete, and some to the permanence provided by the proprietary admixture.

For over 15 years, it has maintained its structural integrity. The State Beach has saved thousands of dollars in maintenance with an installation that has the durability of concrete, yet aesthetic beauty that no other product could provide.

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