Recommended Installers


GraniteCrete, Inc. is committed to ensuring that our customers are 100% satisfied with their GraniteCrete projects. We believe that GraniteCrete is the superior Permanent, Permeable, and Natural Solution to paving needs. We also know that the quality of the installation process is critical to the final look and performance of GraniteCrete. Thus, our installers are our partners in creating satisfied GraniteCrete customers. Our GraniteCrete CERTIFIED INSTALLER  program is intended to ensure that customers receive installations that meet the GraniteCrete standards, every time.

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Certified Installers

A Certified Installer is someone who:

  • Has completed training on installing GraniteCrete
  • Has completed at least 25,000 square feet of GraniteCrete installations, with all installations passing our Final Quality Inspections
  • Has completed at least 6,000 square feet of installations annually once Certified Installer status has been granted

Central and Northern California:

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Other Recommended Installers

The following recommended installers have demonstrated a commitment to the highest quality GraniteCrete installations.  Recommended installers with an asterisk (*) preceding their name denotes installers who are part of our Certified Installers program and working toward Certified Installer status.

Disclaimer: GraniteCrete, Inc. installation recommendations represent a typical installation and generally accepted installation practices should be followed. Use of trained installation professionals is recommended for best results. GraniteCrete, Inc. does not warrant any installation work and specifically disclaims any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.  GraniteCrete, Inc. is not liable for any costs or expenses to fix, repair or redo any installation, or direct or indirect personal injury, property damage or other costs or losses resulting from the improper or incorrect application or installation of the GraniteCrete product.