Wyandotte Park: A Little Slice of Heaven

Located in the Rengstorff area of Mountain View, Wyandotte Park is nestled in a tiny lot between industrial business and homes.  Taking up 0.9 acres, the park provides neighboring residents with a much-needed open space and play area.

The city of Mountain View has an admirable goal to devote three acres of property per 1,000 residents to public park and recreational facilities; Wyandotte Park helps the city accomplish this.

Despite its size, the park is packed with a variety of components to satisfy visitors of all ages.  It features play structures and fitness equipment, an open lawn, benches, public art, and even a giant abacus with rock beads. 

Tying it all together is an overarching nature theme that includes “floating” rocks on metal poles, a leaf-shaped balance board, and landscaping boulders.  Throughout the park, there are areas of decomposed granite stabilized with GraniteCrete.  As a natural-looking and environmentally-friendly product, GraniteCrete was the perfect paving choice for this green space.

The abacus in Wyandotte Park, on top of GraniteCrete.  Photo by Olivia Treynor.