GraniteCrete Drafts Fred DiPietro as its Newest Sales Representative

Professional baseball player, devoted family man, salesman extraordinaire: GraniteCrete’s newest salesman hits a homerun!

Fred DiPietro
GraniteCrete welcomes Fred DiPietro

After studying English at San Jose State University, Fred was drafted by the Detroit Tigers in the 4th round as a Catcher/Power Hitter. After several years with the Tigers, Fred retired from the game and entered the sales world. Over the course of his illustrious sales career, Fred has received several top awards and been honored with Gold and President’s Club Awards.
Having worked in pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, and renewable energy industries, Fred has a wealth of sales experience and is truly a valuable addition to our team.
Fred strives to understand each client’s unique needs and challenges. By educating clients about new and emerging technologies, and offering valuable insights gained from decades of experience, Fred empowers clients to make the best decision to meet their needs.
Fred’s first spring training was in TigerTown, Lakeland, Florida, and his first year as a professional baseball player was spent playing on a Triple A Team in Evansville, Indiana. According to Fred, Minor League Baseball is one of the hardest lifestyles, where players are required to live out of a suitcase and stay in B-Hotels. Travel while in the minor leagues is another challenge, with players spending 10 to 14 hours a day on a bus, mostly traveling at night. To pass the time, Fred would read; one of his favorites was Jaws. “I will never forget reading Jaws on a bus to Key West, Florida,” says Fred, “I read it all through the night. I don’t think I ever went back into the ocean after that book!”

Later in his baseball career, Fred was drafted to the Detroit Tigers as a catcher, and was considered to be a power hitter with a strong arm. After Fred left the Detroit Tigers organization, he was offered another professional baseball contract in Italy, where he played pro-baseball for the William Lawson Team.

Fred DiPietro baseball
Fred in action!