Have You Heard About California’s Numerous “Cash for Grass” Rebate Programs?

Living in a drought-prone state has motivated many California residents to trade lush, green lawns for sustainable landscapes that require less water to maintain. For those aware of the “cash for grass” rebate programs, their pocketbook thanks them.

In recent years, California experienced one of the worst droughts in its recorded history. In response to the drought, many counties throughout the state of California have developed “cash for grass” rebate programs.

These rebate programs encourage homeowners and businesses to remove water-hungry turf and replace it with drought-tolerant landscaping, by off-setting some of the associated costs. Typically, the rebate amount is determined based off the square footage of turf being replaced, with some programs offering as much as up to $2 per square foot!

Replacing turf with sustainable landscaping solutions provides homeowners and businesses with exciting opportunities. Not only can they conserve precious water, they can help maintain the integrity of our groundwater by choosing landscaping options that reduce runoff, and assist with stormwater management.

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