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Bear Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve

The Bear Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve sits just outside of San Jose.  Encompassing 1,432 breathtaking acres, it has a rich history – it was once a logging operation, the site of a huge mansion, and the location of a Jesuit theology school. Portions of the trails paved with GraniteCrete at the Bear Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve during installation by Graniterock Construction in 2018 (right) and in 2020 (down).

In the late-1990s, it was also the planned site for a shiny new golf course and luxury housing development.  Fearing that such urbanization would “harm the rural character of the area,” environmentalists worked swiftly to halt these plans, and convinced Santa Clara county supervisors to block the development.

GraniteCrete permeable pavement installation at Bear Creek Redwood Preserve
A GraniteCrete pathway at the Bear Creek Redwoods Preserve.

Nearly twenty years after the development plans were blocked, the Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District (“Midpen”) completed the first of three phases to restore this area to its former glory.  This first phase included: removing invasive plant species to allow wildflowers and other native species to thrive; introducing drainage improvements to reduce erosion; and creating six miles of new hiking and equestrian trails, with an ADA-accessible path around Upper Lake.

To pave these new trails, Midpen selected GraniteCrete – a permeable and environmentally-friendly paving material that maintains its integrity even when subjected to rainfall and heavy traffic, perfectly complementing Midpen’s goals of reducing erosion and providing ADA-accessible pathways.

GraniteCrete was also chosen because it can be installed later in the traditional construction season.  It can be installed under wetter conditions – and has a shorter cure time – than similar paving options.  We at GraniteCrete are proud to have played a role in helping restore the Bear Creek Redwoods Open Space Preserve, and we look forward to seeing what Midpen achieves in the following phases of restoration!

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