GraniteCrete & Wineries: A Perfect Pairing

For wineries all across California, August through October is a magical time of year known as “grape-crushing season.”  After the best grapes have been harvested—the ones that have ripened properly, and are free of rot or damage—winemakers get busy crushing them.  While crushing grapes by foot may have been the way to go in the past (or was that just a storyline in “I Love Lucy”?) nowadays most wineries use large, automated machinery to streamline the process before transferring the resulting juices into a vat for fermentation.

In honor of grape-crushing season and the astounding volume of wine created—California’s winemakers are responsible for 81% of the United States’ wine production!—we want to take a moment to showcase some of the wineries across the state with installations of GraniteCrete, and to congratulate them on their commitment to sustainability.

Capo Creek – Healdsburg, CA

“We are very pleased with GraniteCrete.  The installation was clean and easy, and the finished look is so natural.  The product is environmentally sound, is ADA compatible, and the color choices are spot on.  I would enthusiastically recommend this product to anyone looking for an alternative hardscape choice!”

 – Dr. Mary Roy, Owner – Capo Creek Ranch and Winery

Clos du Val – Napa, CA

At Clos du Val, outdoor umbrellas are provided to keep patrons cool during sunny weather.  These umbrellas are attached to rolling bases with very small wheels, which they quickly realized were difficult to roll across the decomposed granite originally installed at the winery.  Despite having a stabilizer mixed in, the decomposed granite simply wasn’t sturdy enough.  To correct this issue, a switch to GraniteCrete was suggested.  The GraniteCrete has proven to be a much harder surface that is “working perfectly.”

Darioush – Napa, CA

Darioush winery features a beautiful GraniteCrete pathway that complements the abundant greenery and surrounding architecture. Outdoor lighting has been set into the path along the edges to help patrons find their way – easy to do with GraniteCrete!

Rodney Strong Vineyards – Healdsburg, CA

The outdoor area at Rodney Strong Vineyards is the perfect place for visitors to relax and enjoy a glass of wine – whether that be on “Wine Wednesday,” or another day of the week.  Made from GraniteCrete, the patio does not absorb heat, keeping it nice and cool even during the hot summer months.