Happy Holidays from GraniteCrete!

This past year has been an exciting time at GraniteCrete!  Thank you to all of the architects, installers, retailers, and customers who have made this a breakthrough year for us. As it winds down and we turn our sights toward the year to come, we’d like to share a few highlights from 2018.

GraniteCrete installation
An in-progress shot of the GraniteCrete pathway being installed at the Bear Creek Redwood Preserve

GraniteCrete Permeable Paving 2018 Highlights:

  • In partnership with some of our best installers we’ve developed a new, easier, and faster installation method.
  • Our number of retail locations has expanded throughout Central and Northern California.
  • A growing number of our retail locations offer the pre-mixing of decomposed granite and the GraniteCrete admixture, making installation even more simple and quick!

GraniteCrete has also been fortunate to be a part of many exciting projects that put sustainability, durability and permeability first.  Some highlights:

  • Capo Creek Ranch and Winery: Located atop a hill in Healdsburg, CA, Capo Creek Winery offers beautiful, sweeping views of the Dry Creek Valley of Sonoma County.  It is truly an ideal location to kick back and unwind with a glass of their Old Vine Zinfandel.  We’re thrilled that GraniteCrete is able to contribute to this relaxing atmosphere.  Dr. Mary Roy, owner of Capo Creek, tells us:
“We are very pleased with GraniteCrete. The installation was clean and easy, and the finished look is so natural. I enthusiastically recommend this product to anyone looking for an alternative hardscape choice!”
  • Bear Creek Redwood Preserve: A 1,432-acre Preserve slated to open to the public in spring 2019.  It will “offer visitors shaded fir and redwood forests, cool perennial creeks, and spectacular views of the Sierra Azul Range.”  Visitors will access these breathtaking sights via pathways paved with GraniteCrete.  Installer Graniterock – Construction Division used a paver box to evenly distribute and compact the GraniteCrete for easy installation on this 17,000 square foot project

See more photos of this installation in our gallery!

  • Pacific Grove Golf Links: Adjacent to the famous 17 Mile Drive, Pacific Grove Golf Links’ popularity came with an unexpected cost.  Golf carts repeatedly using the key to exit the course had worn away the carefully-curated lawn.  To combat this issue, they came up with an ingenious solution: Create a turnstile of sorts where carts would be funneled off into one of three paths for one week at a time.  This would allow the grass of each path to recover for two weeks, preventing the wear from becoming an issue again.  GraniteCrete is proud to have been chosen as the paving material for this turnstile and to contribute to this sustainability effort at Pacific Grove Golf Links.

Thank you for including GraniteCrete in your projects, and thank you for supporting us.  We wish everyone and their families a happy, safe, and wonderful Holiday Season.  We look forward to 2019, and wish a Happy New Year to all!

Warmest Regards,

Geoff Smith
David Ventura
Brad Barbeau
Anjika Grinager
Libby Hanson