Emeryville’s Christie Park: A Cinderella Story

“Renovation” does not even begin to do justice to the incredible transformation that Christie Park in Emeryville, CA has undergone since plans to expand the park—and overhaul its design—were first introduced in 2014.

Christe Park GraniteCrete Installation

A Lackluster Beginning

Previously, the park featured an under-utilized “amphitheater” design that lacked imagination and warmth.  As a result, the number of visitors to the park was dismal and it failed to fulfill a city policy geared toward cultivating family-friendly spaces throughout Emeryville.  So, the Emeryville Planning Commission decided something needed to be done.

The Planning Commission introduced plans to increase the park size by a half acre, develop an innovative playground with innovative structures that step away from traditional “cookie cutter” structures, and foster a sense of community throughout the “Christie Core” area of the city.

A Dream Realized

Now, just over four years later, their vision has been realized.  Officially reopened to the public in November, Christie Park has truly evolved from a “park” in name only into a unique and beautiful gathering place for families, dog owners, athletes – and more!

Located behind Emeryville’s Public Market, the park now has a hip, progressive vibe.  It features an ocean-themed playground, lush green lawns perfect for picnicking, and a fenced-in dog park paved with a custom blend of two of GraniteCrete’s standard colors: 60% Natural and 40% Ash Grey.  As an environmentally-friendly paving material, GraniteCrete fits in perfectly with the overall look and feel of the renovated park.

A Doggone Good Dog Park

Designed by Hart Howerton, the minimalist-design dog park includes circle benches surrounding beautiful trees and a handful of decorative rocks sprinkled here-and-there, leaving plenty of room for playful pups to explore and meet new friends.  And, since GraniteCrete exceeds ADA compliance requirements, dog owners of all physical capabilities will be able to bring their faithful companions to enjoy the dog park.

GraniteCrete is proud to be a part of the Christie Park redesign and renovation that has enriched the city of Emeryville.

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