Choosing the Right Finish

When completing the GraniteCrete installation process, there are a number of ways to finish the surface to achieve different looks.  This month, we look at some of those tried-and-true methods.

Method One

Simply compact the GraniteCrete with a lawn roller filled with water.  Once it’s fully compacted, walk away – that’s it!  The look is similar to that of the surface finish seen with asphalt, but much more environmentally-friendly.

Method Two

Some people prefer to take the above method a step further, by laying a piece of plywood down on top of the GraniteCrete and using a vibratory-plate for the final compaction.  It’s important that a vibratory-plate is NOT used directly on the surface of GraniteCrete, as this can create undesirable lines.

Method Three

Similar to the above methods: After compacting GraniteCrete with a lawn roller, lay a medium-bristle broom on top of the GraniteCrete and drag it across the top of the material.  This will loosen approximately the top 1/16″ of GraniteCrete, which creates a more natural-looking finish.  If desired, a second rolling with the lawn roller can be done to smooth some of the loose aggregates back into the finish.

Method Four

To take the above a step further, drag the broom more aggressively across the surface to remove the top ¼” of GraniteCrete.  This will end up exposing the larger aggregates, and allow the material to blend in more with surrounding softscape.