How the GraniteCrete Team is Investing in Our Planet

Each year on April 22, we celebrate Earth Day.  We have the opportunity to evaluate the impact our everyday choices have on the planet, and to look at where we can improve to better protect it for generations to follow.

At GraniteCrete, we are proud to supply a product that benefits the environment in several ways.  However, our commitment to sustainability and environmentally-friendly choices doesn’t end there.

The entire GraniteCrete team participates in composting of all qualifying food waste, as well as recycling of all approved items.

Other steps some of our team members take involve:

  • Using all LED lightbulbs
  • Making an effort to not buy any single-use items
  • Purchasing as many items as possible in glass containers – which are then reused for pickling, food storage, et cetera – or, buying items in compostable packaging
  • Using plant-based cleaners and/or biodegradable soaps
  • Driving hybrid vehicles
  • Deriving 100% of their home’s electricity from roof solar panels
  • Opting to replace their lawn with native plants, permeable hardscape, and drip irrigation systems