GraniteCrete Demo Days are Coming This Fall

GraniteCrete has been working closely with our retail partners to set-up product demo days up-and-down California!

A past GraniteCrete Demo Day.

What is a Demo Day?

A Demo Day involves the physical installation of a permanent section of GraniteCrete at our retail partner’s location.  If there isn’t sufficient space for a permanent installation, an alternative of a moveable installation completed on a wooden pallet might be done instead.

What can be expected from a Demo Day?

A GraniteCrete representative will be on-site for approximately three to four hours – for the installation itself, and for a Q&A afterward.

The representative will give a 15-minute overview of the product prior to the demonstration.  They will go step-by-step through the installation process while the retailer gives the live demonstration of a typical GraniteCrete installation. 

This is a great opportunity to learn more about the GraniteCrete installation process and to ask any questions you might have!

When and Where are the upcoming GraniteCrete Demo Days?

  • September 14: KRC Rock, San Marcos 
  • September 16: Tri-State Materials, Winchester
  • September 23: Graniterock, Salinas
  • September 28: Custom Architectural Stone, Solvang
  • October 4: Sonoma Materials, Sonoma
  • October 6: Peninsula Building Materials, Santa Clara

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