How to Defeat Gophers Once and For All

The mere mention of “gophers” is often enough to incite a distinct type of irritation in homeowners throughout California.  With five species inhabiting the Golden State, it’s likely you’ve encountered at least one, and understand this hatred.

Gopher mounds in a yard.
An example of a gopher-infested yard.

Gophers gravitate toward soil that’s moist and soft enough for them to tunnel through.  Once they’ve breached the surface, they prove themselves to be impressive diggers.  They create extensive burrows that allow them to reach the roots of grass, flower bulbs, and other shrubbery that they happily munch on.

These activities not only create unsightly holes and dirt mounds that pose a walking hazard, they weaken the integrity of a yard.  Plus, gophers carry diseases that can be passed on during one of their trips above ground.

How Can You Get Rid of These Pests?
There are various tips and tricks one can use to battle gophers and encourage them to move on, at least temporarily.  Or, there is the more-permanent solution (win the battle and the war, if you will) of replacing the gopher-friendly area with an impenetrable surface.

Our favorite of all possible options is GraniteCrete.  Naturally rodent-resistant, it uses decomposed granite to achieve a firm and durable surface, while maintaining the porosity found in nature.  Best of all, it’s available in earth-tone colors that beautifully blend in and complement surrounding wildlife.  Choosing GraniteCrete means you don’t have to choose between alleviating pest-related concerns, or putting the environment first.